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The Blog

Brave New Media is a public forum, and a personal objective, to understand the innovative channels of communication that are impacting our lives.  The realm of new media is rapidly growing and globally evolving.  Media convergence is revolutionizing the ways in which we receive and deliver content.  Media trends and developments of today possess cultural, social, and economic implications for tomorrow.  What will be the benefits and consequences?  Will media ethics be redefined?  What influence do we have as consumers and developers?  How will our lives be affected?

The Blogger

I am Mark Hixenbaugh, a creator and consumer in the ubiquitous cloud.  I study Electronic Media at the University of Cincinnati.  The continual advancement and regression of digital media is a topic that fascinates me.  When I am not blogging, or studying (ugh!), I try to find time to pursue other passions.  The occasional cross-country trip, or weekend drive, gets my juices flowing.  So does a good article on metaphysics or existentialism.  My other interest is pop culture:  movies (an admirer of film auteurs) and music (call me anti-mainstream).

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